Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well, let's get this party rolling, shall we?

We still have some time before Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is out, so I guess my first campaign will involve the absence of any form of Mega Man in UMvC3.  Mega Man X was the number one voted character that the fans wanted to see in the game, and Capcom said that Mega Man just didn't make the cut because of popularity.  Which, as you know, is 100% false.

Now, let's be honest.  If we want Legends 3 one of two things have to happen:
  1. Capcom has to realize that the Mega Man fanbase is one worth supporting.  This means comments like "fsck u, Crapcom" are not acceptable.  We have to show them we're better than that.
  2. Keiji Inafune's new endeavors cause him to raise like a Phoenix to make an obscene amount of money to buy the Mega Man franchise from Capcom.
Out of the two, option 1 is more likely to get Legends 3 sooner rather than later.  There is the possibility of CyberConnect 2 picking up the game, but a desire does not indicate proof that it will happen.   Capcom CANNOT function as a company if no one is buying their games.  I'm not saying you need to buy every edition of Street Fighter that comes out, but boycotting them is going to get us nowhere either.

One "suggestion" that keeps getting thrown out is to not buy a fighting game from Capcom that comes out, because they're just going to release another version later.  I can see that.  But the problem is we need to be careful about what game we do that with.  For example, the new Darkstalkers game that's supposedly in development?  If you don't buy it, chances are it will go the way of the Mega Man and never be seen again except in crossovers like the VS. series.  Now, if they announce Street Fighter V?  Don't buy it.  There's a ton of Street Fighter games, more so than Mega Man at this point I believe, so it's a safe bet that not only will not buying Street Fighter V send a message about how they release games, but it won't put the series in the ground either because of how popular the brand is.

"But wait!" you say, "Mega Man is their MASCOT and they won't make Mega Man games anymore!" Yeah, you have a valid point.  I'm not going to argue it.  But they are clearly more interesting in stepping backwards with Street Fighter than they are with Mega Man.  Play Street Fighter III Third Strike and then play Street Fighter IV; notice how Street Fighter III brought new and interesting ideas to the table, then in Street Fighter IV they basically made it Street Fighter II with 3D graphics and a slightly updated fighting system.  Don't call me on that, either, because Capcom showed a side-by-side video of how Street Fighter IV plays alongside Street Fighter II, noting the similarities.  Mega Man?  Be honest, guys, we expect repetition, but at least we get some new enemies to memorize the patterns for.

So, beyond that, we have my campaign idea.  I, unfortunately, am a cheapskate and cannot contribute much to this.  However, I intend to do it all the same.  Take a picture somehow, someway, of every Mega Man game you happen to own, along with any game you have that Mega Man appears in, such as Marvel vs. Capcom 1, 2, and Cannon Spike.  Also include any Mega Man Merchandise you have in the photo, such as action figures, DVDs, or T-shirts.  Enclose it with a letter to Capcom:

To whom it may concern:

We, the fans of the Mega Man franchise, are becoming increasingly concerned about the future of the franchise.  With two cancellations of titles in the same year, we are fearful that one our video game icons is being laid to rest.  To show that we will always support Mega Man, we have enclosed photos showing everything we have bought of Mega Man over the years to show that we will always be in support of Mega Man.  We hope that Legends 3 will be put back into the development cycle, as well as Mega Man X being added to the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster, even if he is DLC.

Your Signature Here
Your Name in Print

I will work out the date to send these letters on as soon as I figure out the traveling distance for mail to Capcom's USA offices.  European fans, I am not leaving you out of the equation, though I am under the impression that Mega Man has even less of a fanbase in Europe these days.  I will see about what I can do for you as well, though as I am not a resident of any nation in Europe I know little about how mail travels there.  Until next time!

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